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First print of the Hagglethorn Tower.

0.15mm layer height
15% infill (Prusa – Support Cubic)
Polymaker Polyterra grey PLA
~65 hours total, ~537g

Roof printed prints fine without support, no issues with overhangs. Will look great when painted. The anchor pins are a little tricky to line up but once in place it doesn’t fall out.

The tower printed without support, no issues. If i were to print it again i would add supports at the door overhang. Supports under the crenelations might help (will experiment) but with 0.15mm layers at this point it would be hard to improve (good spot to use variable layer heights).

The base printed with custom supports (as supplied not so great for FDM), these added around 3 hours from the unsupported file. Painted on using Prusa Slic3r, same locations as in the provided file. Areas with supports are barely noticeable once removed. The larger bricks and the door overhangs are good candidates for variable layer heights. Supports shouldn’t be necessary for the bricks.

Something to note is that the unsupported base model (Hagglethorn-Tower-Base-v1.3.stl) does not include the pins for the tower. Might have to print and glue these on later.

Photos are using the harshest light i could get to show up any imperfections, before any major cleanup of the prints. Viewed from a reasonable distance on a table the layers are not noticeable, looks very much like a hand-sculpted model (many *squees* made over how good it looks).

Next prints (Hagglethorn cottage) will use 10% infill (or less if possible) and more supports under overhangs. Finding that the Polyterra is great for ease of support removal, other filaments might cause more problems with too much support.

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