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Hay guys finished the ruined small cottage,It was heaps of fun to paint, Very satisfying. some of the more interesting things to paint were the roof and the interior walls

I’ll start with the roof.
I started with black primer and then went on to do a heavy dry brush of army painters Dragon Red then a light dry brush of Army Painters lava orange. After it had dried I then gave the roof a watered down wash, I like to do a one part water to one part Army Painters Red Tone. Sometimes this technique with the wash can leave the roof too bright if so I just go over it with the wash again.

Step 1 black primer
Step 2 dragon red
Step 3 lava orange
Step 4 red tone wash

The interior walls.
As with the roof I started with black primer and then gave the plastered parts of the wall a very heavy dry brush of Army Painters Arid Earth. Then after that dried I did a wash with Army Painters medium tone. I then gave it a dry brush of Arid Earth again making sure not to paint right in to the very edges as the bit of a gap left makes for a nice weathered look.

Step 1 Black primer
Step 2 Arid Earth
Step 3 Medium tone
Step 4 Arid Earth

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