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How do we deliver STL files for 3d printing?

At Printable Scenery, we design our models to fit the specifications of most 3D Printers. Each model is delivered as a .zip file containing folders with multiple versions of our models. For example, we often provide a small printer cuts folder to fit on small print beds and a pre-supported resin cuts folder for models… Read more

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The Tournament Support program.

The tournament Support Program is a new system we are starting here at Printable Scenery to help out tournament organizers at the major conventions by providing pre-made tables of awesome fantasy terrain. We have used the beautifully painted terrain here in the Printable Scenery office to make themed tables perfect for tournament play. Each set… Read more

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Painting Guide: Sanctuary-17

Below is a painting guide for the Moon Base of Sanctuary-17 All the models were primed in Army Painter Matt White White plating Wash the wall section in Games Workshop Apothecary White contrast paint. Dry-brush with Army Painter White. Grey reinforcing bars, vent coverings, latches, floor storage. Base-coat with Army Painter Castle Grey, you may… Read more

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