OpenLOCK Tessellation Templates


OpenLOCK 5.0 now includes the side and top locking system.

Please use the OpenLOCK Clip 4.3 for all rampage tiles

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3d Printer. 

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Product Description

You need to use the 4.3 Clip. This is compatible with all OpenLOCK tiles. 

OpenLOCK System is an open source scenery locking system. OpenLOCK System will allow you to build interlocking scenery items, swap walls and floors, it connects 360 and will tessellate perfectly.

OpenLOCK is based on the 1 inch square Dungeon Tile

The purpose of releasing the OpenLOCK System as Creative Commons Public Licence is to encourage others to develop cross compatible scenery and to provide a convenient platform for the community. You can use the OpenLOCK System files to make your own tiles and distribute them under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License

Please attribute when posting your versions of the tiles online


CHANGELOG – Allways backwards compatible
OpenLOCK 1.2 Tight Clip added for making more permanent scenery
OpenLOCK 2.0 added extra connection points and the base files have been cleaned.
OpenLOCk 3.1 set all object to align to corners
OpenLOCK 3.2 small repair to D tile
OpenLOCK 4.0 Clip has 1mm remove from corners to allow 4 clips to be attached to the I tile (1 inch) tile)
OpenLOCK 4.1 Clip now comes in two versions, please test to see which one works best for you (4.0 or 4.1). ALSO 6×6 tile has been added and alternate hole positions on the U tile and the E tile.
OpenLOCK 4.3 – The A Wall template has been included for size. The top locking system has also been included. 4.3 Clip and 4.0 clips were renamed in correct sequential order.
OpenLock 5.0 – Now includes side locking system, column and buttress system and I-tile side locking system. 4.3 clip is the current clip and 4.0 has been discontinued.

Additional Information

File Type

STL files in ZIP folder



Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality (Rcomended) .1 for High Quality


Prints without Supports


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    Can you do these without the rounded tops that could be used to cut & paste onto other existing tiles (docks, caverns, old dungeons) as well as other brands of 50mm tiles?

    • :

      These do have flat tops, it’s only the trial pack that has the rounded top

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